Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Use Retinoids for Acne

Retinoids are not as harmless as, for example, natural acne treatment preparations are. Retinoids, in fact, are merely chemical substances used for acne treatment. In spite of the fact that they are relative to retinol (Vitamin A), they are actually not as useful as this vitamin and, in contrast to vitamins, should be used very carefully.

It particularly concerns retinoids that are used orally, mostly because they are more powerful in their action and are prescribed in heaviest cases (the most widely known retinoid, which is used orally, is isotretinoin – maybe the most powerful drug for acne treatment). The main reason why retinoids should be used so carefully is the fact that they are not natural. Acne treatment with retinoids is nevertheless rather effective.

In spite of the fact that some retinoids (only among those which are used externally – at some local areas of skin) are sold without prescription, it is not recommended to use them without consulting a doctor. The matter is that because of their unnaturalness retinoids have certain side effects, which may be rather severe in some cases.

Learn how to use retinoids for acne and find the measures that are strongly recommended for carrying out before choosing and using retinoids:
  1. read a manual or annotation, or other information which is enclosed with the preparation and follow the prescriptions mentioned in this manual;
  2. ask a doctor about the method of use and periodicity of use, as well as about precautions needed when taking the preparation;
  3. observe prescribed dosing carefully;
  4. don’t give up taking the preparation as well as not to alter doses without consulting a doctor;
  5. inform the doctor about any side effects or another unexpected problem, which appear during treatment.
How to use retinoids for acne? Maybe using retinoids is not a kind of big science, however, they should be used cautiously because these products can be not fully safe. If you are looking for a safer medication, it is better to turn to natural acne medication.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What is isotretinoin?

So what is your knowledge about isotretinoin? Maybe you have heard that isotretinoin is one of retinoids and is a synthetically produced drug used for acne treatment, as other retinoids are. As well as isotretinoin is a synthetic relative to retinol, the latter is known to us as vitamin A. But of course isotretinoin is in neither case similar to vitamin A in its action or in any other parameters associated with using this preparation. So what else is widely known about isotretinoin?

The people who know much about the drug are quite naturally mostly those who are concerned with acne treatment, meaning doctors and their patients. It is not good in any case to be the latter, because there also some facts which are known about isotretinoin, which definitely will not add you any confidence when using this drug. Isotretinoin, and that’s the main reason why you at least should be careful of using it, not to say more, that you ought to be afraid of using isotretinoin.

See, isotretinoin is merely one of the strongest drugs which are at all applied for acne treatment. And also bear in mind that it is not a natural product, so it can be not as compatible with your organism as it could be. So the powerfulness of this drug as well as its unnaturalness equal to very strong side effects caused by it. And since isotretinoin is the strongest acne treatment product, it has the most severe side effects. Pregnancy is the biggest contraindication against using isotretinoin – pregnant women should never use this drug, because it is capable of doing big troubles with their future children.

What you can do with this, is either not to use isotretinoin, or try to avoid using it beforehand. See, because of its strength isotretinoin is generally prescribed only in extreme cases. And such cases are generally not so difficult to avoid. So here an advice will be doing careful skin care. This is easier to attain then not to have any acne at all.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Root Causes of Acne

Acne is not pleasant to deal with in any case. As well as it is not pleasant to study acne. But one should understand that every unpleasant phenomenon should be studied in order to be able to eliminate it once and forever. People do study different diseases and parasites, because they are eager to know, what to do to remove them from life of humanity.

Well, elimination “once and for ever” is not the case with acne. Root causes of acne can be really diverse and at times it is practically impossible to remove these causes. It is especially so when we talk about internal causes of acne: how to fight a thing that is in you?

Root Causes of Acne

Maybe in other cases having such internal factors of any other troubles people begin to take some preparations hoping that that will do. But generally it is not the cause with acne.

Root causes of acne are various and not so easy, even in most cases very difficult to eliminate and it is good if they are not so severe, that you can bear them. But in any case acne is bothering, annoying and so on and so forth.

What do you feel having acne on your back? I think you do have discomfort; you feel that something in that place interferes with you every time. You may also feel pain, the affected place may itch, and popping abscessed white heads may make your clothes and underwear dirty.

The same is the case with acne appearing on the back, on the shoulders, on the buttocks, on legs, arms, and other places where acne can appear. Plus, if acne appears on your hands (arms) or feet (legs), it may impede your activity in some areas. Body acne in some places doesn’t let you to wear your favorite dress and/or swimsuit.

What do you feel having acne on your face? I think that beside of that effects that body acne causes you will feel a great concern for your damaged beauty.

Acne Products

So root causes of acne can be really miscellaneous, starting from such internal causes as bacteria, boosted sebum production and hormones and finishing with untidiness, but their effect is bad anyway and require usage of acne treatment products like Derminax:

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

External causes of acne: environmental factors

Humans are rather vulnerable creatures. They are exposed to a lot of external factors, which can be really ruthless to them. And from some of them the poor humanity doesn’t have any efficient means.

When one hears such words, he or she firstly thinks about some volcanoes or tornadoes or tsunami. But it happens that a human being can be helpless when having some smaller trouble, which doesn’t cause any fatalities but nevertheless is a very, very unpleasant thing. One of such troubles is acne.

Surely people are not always so vulnerable and helpless against acne. But there are some external causes of acne, which are really non-preventable. Sometimes they are even difficult to avoid. These include, first of all, polluted environment, which is named as one of the causes of acne and un-doubtfully of many other diseases.

Frequently this concerns people who live beside big industrial enterprises, who are, of course, known as huge air and water polluters. Fortunately, in latest years, situation with these enterprises has improved in environmental aspect – this is mostly because up-to-date gas cleaning systems has been developed and implemented at most industrial plants, which allow decreasing dust, carbon monoxide / dioxide and sulphur content in emissions of these plants.

Nevertheless, it is understood that living too close to production facilities can do a lot of harm to your skin care. This regards not only to air, but also to water, in which you may swim or bathe while it can be polluted by industrial wastewaters and different chemicals that often are washed by precipitation etc. in rivers and lakes. Such contaminated water does a lot of damage to skin and you should not be surprised if you have acne on some parts of your skin after such swimming.

So you ought to keep yourself informed and know, in what water reservoirs it is not advised to swim.
Please don’t do harm to yourself (i. e. picking and squeezing acne) and visit environmentally clean places whenever possible.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Acne in women

"Acne in women" is as inconceivable combination as "women and ugliness" or "women and raunch". But this happens and if it's already become your problem you should find the ground and start looking for treatment.

First, we'll found out the most widespread factors that give an edge to acne in women. They are often related to problems concerning hormones.

  1. Endocrine disorders in young age. Youngsters often obtain problems with their skin due to burst of hormones and this is applicable for both boys and girls. In this case, of course, you may wait until you are mature completely but beauty is a thing you want to have right here and right now. So you may try the same means that can be applied to any other types of acne.
  2. Menstrual acne. Sometimes acne can appear at different stages of menses, which is also attributed to hormonal changes in your organism.
  3. Pregnancy acne. It is possible to get some troubles with your hormones during pregnancy as well.
  4. Birth control pills. Principle of these preparations is in hormonal control for maturation of ovum. And again deviations in normal hormone content in your blood can lead to onset of acne.
  5. Inappropriate use of cosmetics. Cosmetics can be of a poor quality – in this case you should remember that a miser pays twice and it’s better to buy qualitative makeup. Sometimes women don’t use cosmetics properly and they obtain troubles with their skin because pores get blocked or skin becomes too sensitive. Finally, you can have allergic reaction for any type of cosmetics.
  6. Problems not related to hormones and mostly attributed to external factors – dust, sweat, hypersensitivity, skin diseases.

To all above you may add smoking, alcohol drinking, bad nutrition, not observing hygiene rules, stresses and inheritance – all this can exacerbate the developing bad skin condition.

Then, when you already know the cause of your bad skin you can decide, what will you do next – either you need some special medication or natural treatment for acne in women will be sufficient.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Prevent Acne with Diet

Here we will not talk about some special diet that you should follow to get rid of acne. Maybe this is also a thing to discuss but let us make it a topic for another article. And here we will just discuss diet as nutrition.

So in this case we will mention diet rather like a thing to prevent acne but definitely not like a thing to get rid of this disease. Proper nutrition is one of the main things you should observe in order to be sure that no acne will ever intrude in your life. Of course, nobody and nothing can give you a 100% guarantee that you will not have any acne, because sometimes acne appears as if from nowhere, especially when it is triggered by internal causes.

This is especially so in teen age, when almost every person suffers from acne – some persons more, the others less – but still the risk of having acne in adolescence is much more than 90%. However, it may seem odd and contradictive but actually in puberty age (i.e. teen age or adolescence) observing proper diet is one of the main methods to prevent acne. Why? Just because in puberty all the reasons that causes acne are the same as for adult age, but for teens they are just more keen and distinguishable.

For example, it is a well-known fact that hormones cause acne. And it is a rather common cause of acne among adult people, especially women, and especially those who take birth control pills. And in puberty hormones simply overfill the young organism, resulting in so sadly known teen acne. So, see – the cause is the same but for teenagers it is sharper.

This is also the case with diet. Frequently acne appears when something is lacking in the organism (or vice versa – i.e. when there is too much of some matter in the body which causes allergy). And many people have a lack of vitamins and useful minerals in their organism. That weakens a person’s immunity and as a result he or she is weak in the fight against acne. This is what happens with teens – without necessary minerals and vitamins their skin is too vulnerable.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Necessity of Teen Acne Treatment

For sure it is not news for anybody, and it is not some peculiarity which is specific with teen acne and nothing else. All people know that prevention is always better than treatment and of course better than retreatment (for example, after some incompetent and awkward treatment), for any disease.

Crack it on your kid. Yes, we understand that it takes extra 15 minutes to wash oneself carefully, and everybody wants to go outdoors and play football. Yes, darling, your friends can tell as much as they want about their “irregularity” and that they don’t care a rap about their skin care. Let them have as much teen acne as they deserve, and we will be attentive to our health. Do you want to be liked by boys/girls? Do you want to be tidy and look fine, which attracts people? And so on and so forth.

So a teenager should realize the necessity of teen acne treatment. For sure some examples among his or her friends or acquaintances can show what your kid doesn’t want to be in this connection. Let him/her understand that he/she will be happy not to bother his/her head about how to get rid of teen acne.

However, it should be mentioned that teen acne is not so easy to prevent, as well as to cure. But at least some efforts can be made. You know, they say, that the one, who really wants to have something, has it. And the one, who does something to have that that he wants, has it at last. And if the one wants something but does not have it – that means that he doesn’t want it in true.

And if you break a proper ground in your child, in future he or she will become a real personality, and surely he/she will be thankful to you. If you will be able to bring up a healthy and good-looking kid, through hardships of adolescence, you can be proud. Teen acne is not a problem when you are struggling against it, because anyway you will win, if you really want it.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Real Causes of Teen Acne

Teen acne is a serious problem faced by millions of people. And as for every serious problem a lot of publications exist about this very trouble. A lot of publications, a lot of studies, a lot of methods of remedy, but notwithstanding all the ugly spots appear again and again. What is the reason then?

The reasons, i.e. real causes of teen acne, are widely known. Everybody who met teen acne at least once in his or her real life or even just read anything about it knows that the first thing to blame is hormones. Hormones, namely androgens, in teen age become simply crazy and trigger development and redevelopment of acne.

And the same point of view takes up the position that teen acne cannot be avoided by any means. Some followers of this “traditional” point of view, adding here there laziness and/or other bad habits and vices allege that in true teen acne disease cannot be aided and all you have to do is sit and wait until your adolescence passes.

But any (or at least almost any) teenagers dreams of being beautiful right here and right now and not in five or seven years! And believe me, that teen acne is actually not so huge problem and not as undefeatable as you may think.

Have you ever thought why some teenagers have a lot of acnes whilst others don’t have any? With real teenage mood you can say something like “Oh, I’m a loser that’s why I have acne, and that guy is really lucky!” But this is nonsense, because here we tend to find real causes of acne.

If we still introduce anything about luckiness and unluckiness here, the only thing that is related to these terms is inheritance, which can be really damaging. But it does not mean that if your father is afraid to show you his teenage photos because of acne redding through black and white picture you should cry and lose every hope to avoid acne.

The main point is that real causes of acne are related not only to hormones. It depends much on different factors: your genetics, your skin condition (how vulnerable it is), your lifestyle, your bad habits and even side effects of acne treatment medications. And the latter depends on you, but not on the nature.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

What is Teen Acne?

Acne is a skin disease caused by inflammation of follicles (skin pores).

What are the main causes of teen acne?

Sebum production is among major causes of acne. The procedure is as follows: first due to some reason production of sebum increases. This can be, for example, abnormal level of hormones, which is common, for example, for teen age (adolescence). Then the excess sebum, which is generated by sebaceous glands located in follicles – skin pores containing hairs, mixes with dead skin cells and fills these pores, causing their inflammation – and that is already acne.

So, teen acne is one of the most common forms of acne. Almost 100% of people in the age between 12 to 17 years old suffer from this disease. It is however individual – that means that some of boys and girls tend to have just a few acne spots, whilst others have a plenty of them throughout all skin. This depends not only on hormones, but also on other factors – for example, stresses, which are very common in teenage and also favor appearance of acne.

So, teen acne is caused not just by hormones. There are some external factors as well – mostly general causes of different types of acne – for example, inappropriate diet. A teenager’s nutrition must include healthy products, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as milk products and fish, and of course not only chips and hamburgers – food, which is very common amongst youngsters. Surely, not to mention that smoking and drinking alcohol is a severe infringement of any regime.

As for teen acne treatment, as it is with all other types of acne, it is rather difficult to find an effective cure to treat teen acne. However, treatment of teen acne includes almost the same measures as prevention – consuming more vitamins, proper eating, thorough skin care, and so on. This may also include hormonal treatment of teen acne. Remember, that every problem has its cause and its way of solution. And teen acne is not an exclusion, not depending on its severity.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Fight Body Acne

Everybody fights acne on his face. Struggling with pimples at one’s face seems to be a paramount objective for everyone who suffers from this problem and that is understandable because in any case your attractiveness is in direct relationship with this. For teenagers face acne becomes a terrible grief sometimes.

But there is not only face acne that causes troubles to people. Body acne is also very common, especially among young men. Generally, it can look like body acne is less extensive because less people are complaining on having it comparing to the number of those telling that they endure spots on their faces but it is not true.

Millions of people suffer from neck acne, back acne, chest acne, buttocks acne – these four are the most widespread. The thing is that nobody likes to talk about his or her body acne especially if it is not seen by anyone.

There are several reasons that cause body acne and sometimes they are same to those that provoke appearing of face acne, and sometimes they are specific and apply to only pimples and spots on the back/chest/neck/buttocks.

The ultimate reason for all acne is, of course, the same – inflammation of body pores. The secondary reasons are often the same as well, the biggest difference lies into the fact that body acne appears under clothes and, since people don’t wear anything on their faces, face acne emerges on exposed skin.

Among the most common reasons are perspiration and development of hormones (especially at growing age). If you wear tight clothes and at that you perspire much (for example, if you go in for sports in a tight gym suit or wear close-bodied dress in summer, you are very likely to get body acne.

The methods for fighting body acne are very individual and, as a rule, are identical to those applied to face acne. A single remedy for acne has been not worked out yet, although sound body skin care can help you to eliminate most of the reasons that can cause body or face acne or whatever.

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